Oakville Qualifier

February 01, 2020 - Oakville High School, St. Louis, MO


Event Details

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4964Rolla PatriotsRolla Technical InstituteRollaMO
4982Cafe BotIndependent neighborhood teamWebster GrovesMO
5095The LEPTONSRockwood Summit High SchoolFentonMO
5108Amish ElectriciansWright City R-II High SchoolWright CityMO
5404Titanium TitansThomas Jefferson SchoolSt. LouisMO
5893Direct CurrentRolla Technical InstituteRollaMO
6168Maniacal MechanicsRolla Technical InstituteRollaMO
7525Nerdy BirdsBrentwood High SchoolSt. LouisMO
8655The ClockworksKirksville RoboticsKirksvilleMO
8895EaglesBrentwood High SchoolBrentwoodMO
9099Ritenour RoboHoundsRitenour High SchoolSt. LouisMO
9328Elon-gated TigersOakville High SchoolSt. LouisMO
9612LasagnaneersOakville High SchoolSt. LouisMO
9856K-9(856)Christian High SchoolO'FallonMO
9905RampunzelMICDSSt. LouisMO
9911RampageMICDSSt. LouisMO
10127Tesla's KnightsCommunity TeamNorth Kansas CityMO
10444Chief RoboticsSt. Charles West High SchoolSt. CharlesMO
10588The LUXONSMarquette High SchoolChesterfieldMO
10618Team RocketSt. Charles High SchoolSt. CharlesMO
11021Misassembled DroidsWindsor High SchoolImperialMO
11191Red VectorsChaminade College Preparatory SchoolSt. LouisMO
11470NextJenn STEM TEAMJennings High SchoolJenningsMO
11501White VectorsChaminade College Preparatory SchoolSt. LouisMO
11514NexusLutheran North High SchoolSt. LouisMO
11684GSA CardinalsGateway Science AcademySt. LouisMO
12565The BlockheadsGirl Scouts of Eastern MissouriSt. LouisMO
12719Team TitaniumCommunitySt. LouisMO
13023STEAMBOTSBoys and Girls Clubs of St. Charles CountySt. CharlesMO
13051Servo StressorsCrossroads College Prep SchoolSt. LouisMO
13132Miner ClueRolla Technical InstituteRollaMO
13616Carbon RebelsWindsor High SchoolImperialMO
14199FlyBotsLindbergh Senior High SchoolSt. LouisMO
16303WolvesNewburg R-II SchoolNewburgMO
16506Circuit BreakersSalem Senior High SchoolSalemMO
17248GSA WarriorsGateway Science AcademySt. LouisMO

Scorekeeper Information

FIRST Event Code: 2019moq7

Event Name: Oakville Qualifier

Region: Missouri

Event Type: Qualifier

Event Start Date: February 01, 2020

Event End Date: February 01, 2020

Number of Fields: 2 or 3

Teams File: 2019moq7_1_Oakville_Qualifier_teams.txt

Team Count