Pattonville Meet 2

January 25, 2020 - Pattonville High School, Maryland Heights, MO


Event Details

Scheduled Event time: 10 am - 2 pm
Meets will be canceled if there are less that 6 teams selecting the event. Teams who have selected the cancelled meet will be allowed to reselect.
406Coulson's ButterParkway South High SchoolManchesterMO
408Coulson's BreadParkway South High SchoolManchesterMO
2867Degrees of Freedom, Pattonville High SchoolPattonville High SchoolMaryland HeightsMO
9099Ritenour RoboHoundsRitenour High SchoolSt. LouisMO
11684GSA CardinalsGateway Science AcademySt. LouisMO
12565The BlockheadsGirl Scouts of Eastern MissouriSt. LouisMO
12719Team TitaniumCommunitySt. LouisMO
14186P3Girl Scouts of Eastern MissouriSt. LouisMO
14199FlyBotsLindbergh Senior High SchoolSt. LouisMO
14526NeuromancersSt. Louis Science CenterSt. LouisMO
14572PeriferalsSt. Louis Science CenterSt. LouisMO
16498Plus GangNeighborhoodBallwinMO

Scorekeeper Information

FIRST Event Code: 20momt14

Event Name: Pattonville Meet 2

Region: Missouri

Event Type: Other

Event Start Date: January 25, 2020

Event End Date: January 25, 2020

Number of Fields: 1

Teams File: 20momt14_1_Pattonville_Meet_2_teams.txt

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