Statistics for Rover Ruckus (Current Season)

Rover Ruckus


Average Match Scores

Top 10 Alliance Scores

Top 10 alliance scores across all events. Note that prepenalized scores are used.

Event Match Result Alliance &
Prepenalized Score
Comet Robotics CompetitionQ9218-87 Rred: 218979210106
Comet Robotics CompetitionQ7205-82 Rred: 205137138905
Turkey Day MeetQ7203-182 Rred: 203890510868
EHS MeetQ5200-16 Rred: 2001242712896
Botson MeetQ753-199 Bblue: 19959058461
Botson MeetQ885-197 Bblue: 197590511785
KCMO ROBOSHOW TOOQ5196-50 Rred: 196654713161
Turkey Day MeetQ9190-88 Rred: 190628513041
EHS MeetQ9186-84 Rred: 1861242713616
Turkey Day MeetQ7203-182 Rblue: 182146906285

Top 10 Match Scores Scores

Top 10 matches across all events by the sum of both alliance scores. Note that prepenalized scores are used.

Event Match Result Prepenalized Sum
(Both Alliances)
Red Teams Blue Teams
Turkey Day MeetQ7203-182 R385890510868146906285
Botson MeetQ5165-170 B335113575905117858461
Botson MeetQ10155-165 B3208461688959055906
Comet Robotics CompetitionQ9218-87 R30597921010690996285
Comet Robotics CompetitionQ7205-82 R2871371389051151410106
Comet Robotics CompetitionQ12122-174 B286137134194628510106
SLSRA Girl Scouts BotShowQ15147-137 R28428951191452610588
Botson MeetQ885-197 B28297985907590511785
Turkey Day MeetQ9190-88 R278628513041108685481
EHS MeetQ9186-84 R27012427136161427211021