Statistics for Rover Ruckus (Current Season)

Rover Ruckus


Average Match Scores

Top 10 Alliance Scores

Top 10 alliance scores across all events. Note that prepenalized scores are used.

Event Match Result Alliance &
Prepenalized Score
Tiger Rukus OneQ9374-133 Rred: 374735713395
Tiger Rukus OneQ1461-366 Bblue: 366149427357
Notre Dame de Sion QualifierF-1359-203 Rred: 3597357133879109
Tiger Rukus OneQ417-358 Bblue: 358735713399
Notre Dame de Sion QualifierQ754-357 Bblue: 35791027357
West Conference QualifierSF1-1355-224 Rred: 3553409522712618
Tiger Rukus OneQ12354-72 Rred: 354133877357
West Conference QualifierSF2-2353-195 Rred: 3531018865479960
West Conference QualifierF-1336-228 Rred: 3363409522712618
Central Mission ControlQ6334-57 Rred: 3341012710173

Top 10 Match Scores Scores

Top 10 matches across all events by the sum of both alliance scores. Note that prepenalized scores are used.

Event Match Result Prepenalized Sum
(Both Alliances)
Red Teams Blue Teams
West Conference QualifierF-2334-293 R62734095227126181018865479960
West Conference QualifierSF1-1355-224 R57934095227126185907865510235
West Conference QualifierF-1336-228 R56434095227126181018865479960
West Conference QualifierSF2-2353-195 R5481018865479960145481012711357
West Conference QualifierSF2-1294-291 R5351018865479960145481012711357
West Conference QualifierQ33288-235 R5233409111021494210235
Notre Dame de Sion QualifierF-1359-203 R52273571338791099103458713395
Notre Dame de Sion QualifierF-2320-198 R51873571338791099103458713395
Drury QualifierF-1287-220 R507846176785906590536645907
Tiger Rukus OneQ9374-133 R507735713395133878136