Teams for Res-Q (2015-2016)


288Spare PartsGateway STEM High SchoolSt. LouisMO
289Robohawks 289Hazelwood Central High SchoolFlorissantMO
290Robohawks 290Hazelwood Central High SchoolFlorissantMO
291Robohawks 291Hazelwood Central High SchoolFlorissantMO
406CanadiaParkway South High SchoolManchesterMO
407Loose ScrewsParkway South High SchoolManchesterMO
408BernardoxParkway South High SchoolManchesterMO
583CavaliersBishop DuBourg High SchoolSt. LouisMO
584CavaliersBishop Dubourg High SchoolSt. LouisMO
2408Shrapnel SergeantsHazelwood West High SchoolHazelwoodMO
2866Control-Alt-CompetePattonville High SchoolMaryland HeightsMO
2867Degrees of FreedomPattonville High SchoolMaryland HeightsMO
3505Cadet Bot CrewCBC High SchoolSt. LouisMO
3591The QuarksEureka High SchoolEurekaMO
3592The MesonsEureka High SchoolEurekaMO
3620Furious GeorgeChaffee Industrial Arts-CIA RoboticsChaffeeMO
3621Semper FiChaffee Industrial Arts - CIA RoboticsChaffeeMO
3638Atomic ShockMount St. Mary High SchoolOklahoma CityOK
3658The BosonsEureka High SchoolEurekaMO
3664Girls With AttitudeChaffee Industrial Arts - CIA RoboticsChaffeeMO
3665Leopold Gear HeadsLeopold High SchoolLeopoldMO
3740Robo RamsScott City High SchoolScott CityMO
4192BulldozersWest County High SchoolPark HillsMO
4193Those GuysJackson High SchoolJacksonMO
4194TechnomancersJackson High SchoolJacksonMO
4211The BombersJohn Burroughs SchoolSt. LouisMO
4492Connect-I-ConsMcCluer South-BerkeleyFergusonMO
4587The Red Hot Techie PeppersLEARN Science & Math ClubKansas CityMO
4962RockettesMount St. Mary High SchoolOklahoma CityOK
4964Rolla PatriotsRolla High SchoolRollaMO
5033S and L 4-H4-HHolts SummitMO
5085Newton's LawyersScience and Technology Education Project NFPShilohIL
5095The LeptonsRockwood Summit High SchoolFentonMO
5108Amish ElectriciansWright City High SchoolWright CityMO
5118The HadronsLafayette High SchoolWildwoodMO
5119The BaryonsMarquette High SchoolChesterfieldMO
5187Transistor TitansMarion High SchoolMarionIL
5248The FermionsLAfayette High SchoolFoWildwoodMO
5404Titanium TitansThomas Jefferson SchoolSt LouisMO
5422Horse PowerFL Schlagle High SchoolKansas CityKS
5433RoboHornetsAdvance RIVAdvanceMO
5439The GluonsMarquette High SchoolChesterfieldMO
5481St. Dominic HSSt. Dominic High SchoolO'FallonMO
5560St. Dominic HSSt. Dominic High SchoolO'FallonMO
5703Doppler EffectFox High SchoolArnoldMO
5706ErrorCode404Seckman High SchoolImperialMO
5734CybermenSeckman High SchoolImperialMO
5893Direct CurrentRolla High SchoolRollaMO
5896KARTKennett High SchoolKennettMO
5905Camdenton 4-H FIRST LASER #1Camdenton R-III SchoolsCamdentonMO
5906Camdenton 4-H FIRST LASER #2Camdenton R-III SchoolsCamdentonMO
5907Camdenton 4-H FIRST LASER #3Camdenton R-III SchoolsCamdentonMO
5908Camdenton 4-H FIRST LASER #4Camdenton R-III SchoolsCamdentonMO
6073MUS RoboticsMemphis University SchoolMemphisTN
6127iBotsSTL WizardsWildwoodMO
6129Strong Swagalicious MasterbotsHancock High SchoolSt. LouisMO
6153Knights of the Data TableJohn Burroughs SchoolSt. LouisMO
6168Maniacal MechanicsRolla High SchoolRollaMO
6206Ohms OlympiansMarion High SchoolMarionIL
6207STEM PunksKirkwood High SchoolKirkwoodMO
6215Gracious ProfessionalsKirkwood High SchoolKirkwoodMO
6285Statesbots-BlackWebster Groves High SchoolWebster GrovesMO
6316St. Dominic HSSt. Dominic High SchoolO'FallonMO
6377The Other GuysScott City High SchoolScott CityMO
6387BrobotsCBC High SchoolSt. LouisMO
6453Grizzly GriffinsSt. John Vianney High SchoolKirkwoodMO
6547Caps Cobalt ColtsBlue Valley SchoolsOverland ParkKS
6751Robo-VikingsNortheast High SchoolKansas CityMO
6889RoboCrusadersHelias Catholic High SchoolJefferson CityMO
7095Sion S.T.O.R.M.Notre Dame de SionKansas CityMO
7129Robo RaidersIndependent - HomeshoolTroyIL
7139The New Robotic RepublicKennett High SchoolKennettMO
7158TechKnow DifficultiesEdgerton Explorit CenterAuroraNE
7209Tech Hogs RoboticsSpringdale High SchoolSpringdaleAR
7357Team Titanium TechLee's Summit West High SchoolLee's SummitMO
7359S.W.A.TSmithville High SchoolSmithvilleMO
7403Grizzly GriffinsSt. John Vianney High SchoolKirkwoodMO
7408Nuclear Unicorn Girl AssemblersGirl Scouts of Eastern MissouriSt. Peters/O'FallonMO
7424Robotic WarriorsWarrenton High SchoolWarrentonMO
7467Go Go GaryLesterville High SchoolLestervilleMO
7469DecepticatsDexter High SchoolDexterMO
7507S.W.A.T.Smithville High SchoolSmithvilleMO
7525Nerdy BirdsBrentwood High SchoolSt. LouisMO
7532The Corps in BlueHarrisonville High SchoolHarrisonvilleMO
7547JoeBoticsSt. Joseph's AcademySt. LouisMO
7678Eldon High SchoolEldon High SchoolEldonMO
7951The KaonsLafayette High SchoolWildwoodMO
7954Cyber DawgsWest County Middle and High SchoolLeadwoodMO
7961MotordameNotre Dame Regional High SchoolCape GirardeauMO
8024AutocatsDexter High SchoolDexterMO
8078Cape Tiger TronCape Girardeau Career and Technology CenterCape GirardeauMO
8136Fire and IceRaytown High SchoolRaytownMO
8403KilobytesScott City High SchoolScott CityMO
8412Gryphon GearsUniversity AcademyKansas CityMO
8461Elementary My Dear BotsonHomeschoolCamdentonMO
8620WormGear WarriorsEdwardsville Robotics ClubEdwardsvilleIL
8655The ClockworksKirksville RoboticsKirksvilleMO
8671St. Mary's DragonsSt. Mary's High SchoolSt. LouisMO
8763OTC Middle CollegeOTC Middle CollegeSpringfieldMO
8782Robot BanditsAssumptionO'FallonMO
8819MechanickerFamily FriendsLawrenceKS
8828Cel-TechsArchbishop O'Hara High SchoolKansas CityMO
8856Glendale Robotics BlueGlendale High SchoolSpringfieldMO
8862Cyber DucksNeighborhood TeamEllisvilleMO
8905Statesbots-OrangeWebster Groves High SchoolWebster GrovesMO
8943OOPS! RoboticsGirl Scouts of Southern IllinoisO'FallonIL
9027Synergistic EffectCollegiate School of Medicine and BioscienceSt. LouisMO
9034MustangsShawnee Mission Christian SchoolWestwoodKS
9072Rising PhoenixClyde C Miller Career AcademySt. LouisMO
9092The Patty WagonLesterville High SchoolLestervilleMO
9099Ritenour RoboHoundsRitenour High SchoolSt. LouisMO
9102Ravonics OrionOlathe Northwest High SchoolOlatheKS
9103Ravonics RoverOlathe Northwest High SchoolOlatheKS
9104Ravonics ApolloOlathe Northwest High SchoolOlatheKS
9105Ravonics VoyagerOlathe Northwest High SchoolOlatheKS
9106Ravonics GenesisOlathe Northwest High SchoolOlatheKS
9107Ravonics CuriosityOlathe Northwest High SchoolOlatheKS
9108Ravonics SpitzerOlathe Northwest High SchoolOlatheKS
9109Ravonics EndeavourOlathe Northwest High SchoolOlatheKS
9146Mecha PanterasPrincipia SchoolSt. LouisMO
9328Oakville 2Oakville Senior High SchoolSt. LouisMO
9392JR Yellow JacketsCenter Middle SchoolKansas CityMO
9579Iron MulesPoplar Bluff High SchoolPoplar BluffMO
9612Oakville RoboticsOakville Senior High SchoolSt. LouisMO
9623Legion of BaconLiberty High SchoolLibertyMO
9625TOBORLesterville High SchoolLestervilleMO
9792GSA RoboNerdsGateway Science AcademySt. LouisMO
9796ACME Robotics4H AC RoboticsRock PortMO
9798N.E.R.D.SMorgan County R-I High SchoolStoverMO
9808Team ChargerHeritage Christian AcademyOlatheKS
9849The Small FriesWarrensburg High SchoolWarrensburgMO
9856Eagle RoboticsLiving Word Christian SchoolO'FallonMO
9905RampunzelMICDSSt. LouisMO
991116 gigs of RAMMICDSSt. LouisMO
9960N.E.R.D.SSouth Nodaway High SchoolBarnardMO
9966This Side UpCenter Place Restoration SchoolIndependenceMO
9998Tungsten TitansEdwardsville Robotics ClubEdwardsvilleIL
10017Holy Robot, Batman!St. James High SchoolSt. JamesMO
10106CBC RoboticsCBC High SchoolSt. LouisMO
10123Glendale Robotics RedGlendale High SchoolSpringfieldMO
10127Tesla's KnightsIndependentParkvilleMO
10173Ravonics GeminiOlathe Northwest High SchoolOlatheKS
10188T-N-T (Teens-N-Technology)Neighborhood TeamGrain ValleyMO
10235Binary BustersKirksville RoboticsKirksvilleMO
10254MCHS RoboLionsMaryville Christian High SchoolMaryvilleIL
10261The MacGyversLincoln County Robotics TrustTroyMO
10265Force GreenLafayette High SchoolWildwoodMO
10429Steam PunksGrand Center Arts AcademySt. LouisMO
10444SCW The Ned HerdSt. Charles West High SchoolSt. CharlesMO
10451loadingbulldogs.exeNotre Dame Regional High SchoolCape GirardeauMO
10460Bot SquadHarrisonville Middle SchoolHarrisonvilleMO
10476Iron CatsHarrisonville Middle SchoolHarrisonvilleMO
10561Lion TechLawrence High SchoolLawrenceKS
10588The LuxonsMarquette High SchoolChesterfieldMO
10618Team RocketSt. Charles High SchoolSt. CharlesMO
10651STR8 SAVAGESouthern Reynolds R-2EllingtonMO
10681The RookiesMonett Middle SchoolMonettMO
10715Belle Valley School SouthBelle Valley SD#119BellevilleIL
10739Friendly Robot GuysPrincipia SchoolSt. LouisMO
10872The NerdsPatton Jr. High SchoolFt. LeavenworthKS
10876Cina BotsPatton Jr. High SchoolFt. LeavenworthKS