Average Match Scores

Top 10 Alliance Scores

Top 10 alliance scores across all events. Note that prepenalized scores are used.

Event Match Result Alliance &
Prepenalized Score
Missouri State ChampionshipQ-11117-338 Bblue: 32886207209
Q-8 SelvidgeSF-2-1241-283 Bblue: 283631663778403
Missouri State ChampionshipQ-362-277 Bblue: 27763778862
Missouri State ChampionshipSF-1-1224-277 Bblue: 277366572093658
Q-8 SelvidgeSF-2-3276-255 Rred: 2768620362010265
Q-8 SelvidgeF-1160-273 Bblue: 2738620362010265
Missouri State ChampionshipQ-2086-265 Bblue: 26536658620
Q-2 SmithvilleSF-1-2261-3 Rred: 2617357458710173
Q-8 SelvidgeSF-2-3276-255 Rblue: 255631663778403
Q-2 SmithvilleQ-18174-254 Bblue: 25473597357

Top 10 Match Scores Scores

Top 10 matches across all events by the sum of both alliance scores. Note that prepenalized scores are used.

Event Match Result Prepenalized Sum
(Both Alliances)
Red Teams Blue Teams
Q-8 SelvidgeSF-2-3276-255 R5318620362010265631663778403
Q-8 SelvidgeSF-2-1241-283 B5248620362010265631663778403
Missouri State ChampionshipSF-1-1224-277 B501511973573409366572093658
Q-7 SEMOSF-1-3229-226 R455407366528673621366410451
Missouri State ChampionshipQ-11117-338 B4453664496486207209
Q-8 SelvidgeF-1160-273 B4335119503575478620362010265
Missouri State ChampionshipF-2196-235 B431366572093658637771293740
Missouri State ChampionshipQ-4251-170 R42151198620102549105
Q-8 SelvidgeF-3180-238 B4185119503575478620362010265
Missouri State ChampionshipQ-7164-253 B417407359151194211