Statistics for Relic Recovery (Current Season)

Relic Recovery


Average Match Scores

Top 10 Alliance Scores

Top 10 alliance scores across all events. Note that prepenalized scores are used.

Event Match Result Alliance &
Prepenalized Score
EHS MeetQ-136-192 Bblue: 1921284412842
PattonvilleQ-3172-20 Rred: 17213041406
PattonvilleQ-5171-98 Rred: 17140810868
Octoborobofest Q-4169-36 Rred: 169116848905
PattonvilleQ-1028-167 Bblue: 16728676387
PattonvilleQ-886-157 Bblue: 157130412867
PattonvilleQ-6151-66 Rred: 151125652867
PattonvilleQ-232-150 Bblue: 15028677856
EHS MeetQ-645-147 Bblue: 147128445734
PattonvilleQ-1388-144 Bblue: 1446387408

Top 10 Match Scores Scores

Top 10 matches across all events by the sum of both alliance scores. Note that prepenalized scores are used.

Event Match Result Prepenalized Sum
(Both Alliances)
Red Teams Blue Teams
PattonvilleQ-5171-98 R2694081086840612719
EHS MeetQ-9129-131 B2601284413095128425439
PattonvilleQ-886-157 B2436387406130412867
PattonvilleQ-1388-144 B2321342228676387408
EHS MeetQ-136-192 B2285734105881284412842
PattonvilleQ-6151-66 R2171256528671342213041
Octoborobofest Q-4169-36 R205116848905628511203
PattonvilleQ-1028-167 B19587821271928676387
EHS MeetQ-645-147 B192543912427128445734
PattonvilleQ-3172-20 R192130414061342212719