Advancements for Relic Recovery (Current Season)

Relic Recovery

Advancement Information

For the Relic Recovery season, teams may qualifiy for advancement to additional events beyond their allowed initial meets / qualifiers in one of two ways:

  • Teams who participate in at least 1 Meet and 1 Open Qualifier event may qualify to attend their Conference Qualifier.
  • Teams may advance to the State Championship from either an Open Qualifier or from a Conference Qualifier.
  • Note: Teams who qualify for the State Championship from an Open Qualifier no longer qualify for advancement to their Conference Qualifier. This helps free up slots for more teams to play in Conference Qualifiers and possibly advance to the State Championship.

Teams competing in Missouri from other regions are not eligible for advancement through conference qualifiers, and therefore can only advance to the State Championhip through the Open Qualifier process.

Current advancement rankings can be found for Conference Qualifiers and the State Championship on the corrsponding event pages listed below.

Head over to the Missouri FTC Team Portal for detailed information on advancement criteria.

Conference Qualifiers

Tournament Location Date Status
West Conference QualifierBlue Springs High School, Blue Springs, MissouriFebruary 10, 2018Cancelled
East Conference QualifierFox High School, Arnold, MissouriFebruary 10, 2018Complete

State Championship

Championship Location Date Status
Missouri State ChampionshipMissouri S&T - Gale Bullman Center, MST Gym, Rolla, MissouriFebruary 24, 2018Complete