About Missouri FTC Scoring

This website is dedicated to providing award and scoring information from Missouri FTC Tournaments. Our goal is to give all teams access to the awards and detailed scoring data from meets and tournaments, along with related data on awards and advancements as we know them. Expected uses include reviewing team performance (post match) as well as scouting for future matches.

This site and the information it contains is provided courtesy of Team 3409 - The Astromechs and is compiled from data supplied by the Missouri FTA's, who have kindly agreed to help post this information for all teams to access. The data from a meet or tournament is usually available 1-3 days after the event is complete. Detailed scoring data comes directly from the scoring software. No changes can be made to the data, we report it just as it was recorded in the scoring software at the event.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please remember that the data on this site is to be used for understanding team performance after the tournament is complete. All scores are final after tournament completion; no subsequent changes can be made. All rankings and scores listed on this site are final. Teams are encouraged to keep track of their individual scores during tournament play and raise any concerns to tournament officials during the competition.


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Our Inspiration

Inspiration for this site came from many sources, but two sites in particular have been very influential. The first was The Yellow Alliance, which is no longer updated but provided such a valuable service during the 2014 season. The other big inspriation is The Blue Alliance which provides detailed FRC scoring data every year.

What's Coming Next?

A lot has changed since we began work on this site in November 2015. We've moved from simple html pages and spreadsheets to a full data driven site. While we do have some long term plans, we're really focused today on supporting Missouri FTC and the needs of Teams competing within Missouri. With that said, we do have a few enhacements that you may see coming soon. We don't have any timeframe on any of these yet, but just to give you a little peek...

  • Support for crowdsoruced links, pics, and videos. Honestly we really really want to do this, but need some time to figure out a way to manage it.
  • Better API support and documentation
  • API support for push notifications (note... this is longer term, not likely during Velocity Vortex)
  • Better management of how to help scorekeepers and allow direct uploading of scoring data. We've already implemented part of this, but we still have quite a bit more to do.
  • ... and of course ... awards and scores from events!

Last Updated: 2016-Nov-13